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Voting in Eurovision and politics.

GTY_eurovision_song_contest_04_mm_160513_12x5_1600_Michael-Campanella-Getty ImagesPicture by Michael Campanella, Getty Images.

Keeping an extreme helicopter-view of the Eurovision Song Contest shows how the worlds political systems works.
I will try to keep this simple, even that I’d like to dive into details.

The people have shown that the jury isn’t the boss

Eurovision Song Contest have now split the votes for the viewers into how the experts (jury) vote and how the common people vote. Previous years this has not been seen, the results has been combined, points from jury and common people merged.

The jury (our politicians) gave a contributor an overwhelming lead, around 30% towards the next best (320 towards 211 points).
The Televoters (the people, you), voted with the heart and turned the result around, the next best according to the jury took back the lost 30% and a little bit more and became the winner, 534 towards 511 points.

And that my friends, is how politics works. Five people on the top decides what they think is best for the masses, which sometimes has a different view.

How about having a chat with your local politician to make sure they follow the people and not short term egoistic goals?

And as a finale, best song during the whole ESC. Presenting the Swedish kvinnaböske.

Edit; The American presidential election 2016 demonstrates this very well.